Posted by: ElliptiGO Girl | June 10, 2008

Hal’s injuries

There’s an old saying:  “families that run together have fun together” – or something like that.

My husband Hal is the reason I’m running again.  A couple of years ago, Hal was advised to lose weight by his doctor.  Hal set two long term goals:  Run a Half Marathon and lose 40 pounds.  He met both, and changed his goals to: Qualify for the Boston Marathon and keep the weight off. Being a good goal-meeting type, Hal was well on his way.

And then it happened.  April 19th.  Nine long weeks ago.  Hal had accompanied me to Monterey, to watch me compete in Sea Otter, an annual Bike race. The morning of the race he hurt his back.  Badly.  I won’t go into the details – but he still can’t even jog.  

So I’ve had to run without him. Watch him suffer.  And see him re-group.

Hal is nothing if not resourceful.. He’s been experimenting with all sorts of running alternatives:  Water jogging, stationary bike, and recently, running with Nordic Poles.  (For the unenlightened, Nordic Poles are similar to Trekking poles, but they grip to your wrists like Cross Country Ski Poles, allowing you to use your arms to bear weight and propel you forward without constant gripping.)  Hal manages to move at an 8-9 min/mile pace for up to 6 miles on soft surfaces (Ellwood, More Mesa, the beach) while using them.  But without them, his back gets worse within the first mile. And the harder impact of a paved road is still too much, even with the poles.

I am so proud of my husband.  No depression.  Every time he miscalculates, pushes too much, and has a set back, he just re-adjusts.    

Hals’ immediate goals: Try to stay in shape.  Keep the weight off.  Do Chuck’s Beach run?

Qualifying for Boston is currently on hold.



  1. Hi Fran,

    Bob Freed forwarded the website. Then I ran across your blog. Glad to hear you are running and hope Hal recovers. Ruth and I are still getting settled in Newbury Park. I have started running but as always pretty slow. We have discovered great trails in the Santa Monica mountains near where we live.

    Moving from Santa Barbara to New Jersey and back to California has added about 30 pounds of weight to both Ruth and I. Seems harder to loose then ever before. I keep thinking about how I get back to a decent body composition and participating in triathlons but I guess there is still a little too much to do in getting settled in a new and very challenging job.

    I hope to get back to the Sunday swims at Carpinteria beach with the SB YMCA masters program. Perhaps we will catch up there.

    Rick Politte

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