Posted by: ElliptiGO Girl | June 10, 2008

Three races in 8 days

I just finished a Time Trial.  On my bike.   Annie Toth and Drea McLarty were there – both of them did better then me.  Sidelined from running, Annie is becoming quite a good cyclist.  The cycling community is taking note.  And Drea is just an amazing all-round endurance athlete – her background is as a collegiate cyclist at Yale – she turned to running when time constraints (two babies – ages 1 and 2) made training on the bike impractical.

I wasn’t sure how I’d survive three close competitions.  I ran the State Street Mile on June 1, VIcki’s Run on June 8, and then today, June 9, did the Don Flanigan Time Trial. What with age, experience, and past “miscalculations” (or shall we call them injuries?) I tend to be rather cautious when it comes to spacing competitions.  So I’m currently on cloud nine – I survived, I feel great, and I did okay.  In all three events.


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