Posted by: ElliptiGO Girl | June 22, 2008

Chuck’s Steeplechase

Wow.  That was something!  The 29th annual Chuck’s Beach Run.  As always, the atmosphere was casual, , laid back, and thoroughly enjoyable – and the post-run spread was plentiful and fabulous.  My husband Hal did his first run since his injury over 2 months ago.  All in all, a great way to spend a summer morning.

However, the first and last mile of beach (or lack of) made things a bit more challenging than usual! After plowing though soft sand and kelp at the beginning, we encountered the rocks –  many areas completely bereft of sand.  A large number of the “runners” (myself included) slowed to a walk for portions of this section. . . as a PT I observed this was an excellent test of bilateral symmetry, lower extremity-wise, in terms of balance, strength, and coordination.  I sucked.  Definitely am weak on the left.  PT, heal thyself!

Aaron Gillen finished with an impressive (considering the terrain) time of 34:44.  Fred Mellon was second, at 36:45.  Jim Triplett  took 5th overall with 39:18, and Ricky’s time was 40:18.  Amy Van Riet  (44:57)  and Gae (45:13) were also amazing.  This was not just a test of running speed, but also ability to hop from rock to rock, often with said rocks being steep, wet and slippery.  

Bravo to all participants for finishing with no injuries!  Lookin’ forward to next year!


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