Posted by: ElliptiGO Girl | July 7, 2008

Independence Day 2008

Three days later, power is on, I’ve finally caught up with “important” (aka work-related) computer work, and I can afford some nonessential computer time.  A quick note on a memorable July 4th. . . . .

The 4th of July 2008: Cancelled race. Fire burning away.  Smoke and ash in the air. New evacuations still happening.  Periodic blackouts throughout the city.  Computer down. Lots of listening to the radio. The Governor urging “The people of Calyfornia” to forgo home fireworks.   Radio announcements cautioning everyone to avoid exercising outside.  All my cardio-fiend friends (runners, cyclists, triathletes, Hal, me) chomping at the bit to really work their lungs outdoors.

Prior to the fire: My plans were to help with the 15K race -figured I’d get a short run in before – and then drive down to Temple City, CA (in the Pasadena area) to celebrate an old-fashioned 4th with Hal’s family, complete with backyard fireworks. (Home fireworks are still legal there.)

Instead: Spent a couple of  hours preparing to join up with a group ride in the soot and ash outside. Chickened out. Ended up going to the Y with Hal to work out on the Elliptical.  Ick.

Called Hal’s sister.  No fire there – and apparently, they were still planning to do the home fireworks, etc. Double ick.  Hal volunteered to pick some up on the way down through Fillmore.  Triple ick.

Drove to Temple City.  It was literally a “blast from the past.”  No power outages.  No evacuations.  No emergency hoses on hand.  No cancelled races. Fireworks – legal ground displays and illegal aerial displays- going off without pause up and down the street.  Under trees.  By dry brush.  In the middle of traffic.  Amazing. Not a moment of silence.  Smoke everywhere – not from an uncontrolled  brush fire, but from fireworks.

What a juxtaposition.  Felt like an episode from “Twilight Zone”

Afterword, we drove home.  In our absence, the power had gone off yet again.


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