Posted by: ElliptiGO Girl | August 16, 2008

I’m back!(?)

So, It’s been a while.  Several weeks, actually.  I’ve haven’t been to any running races, and felt kind of “SBAA Blog unworthy” – so I didn’t blog.  

Running has not moved out of my life or thoughts by any means, however.  In fact, I’m entered in a couple of road races this coming week –  McConnell’s 5K Sunday, NiteMoves Wednesday – and then also have (foolishly?) been talked into doing the Santa Barbara Sprint Triathlon a week from this Sunday.  Three races in 8 days.   Hmmmm. . . .  Last time I did that, one of the races was entirely on my bike.  (See my initial post, 6/10/08.) This time, all of the races have some running in them.  

So what’s the big deal, you ask?  I don’t run three times in a week.  Period.  Not even easy running.  You see,  I have this annoyingly injury-prone body.  This is my first year of running races at all for a loooong time.   I love to run and I love to run races. It feels like a celebration of life, of humanity, of freedom.  But my big toe, my left knee, and my low back don’t like it so much.  They grumble.  They complain.  They try desperately to grab my attention.  And then, if I still don’t listen, sometimes they stage a mutiny. 

So, we’ll see who wins out here.  Me, Fran?  Or my stupid big toe. . .


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