Posted by: ElliptiGO Girl | August 24, 2008

It wasn’t so scary, after all!

It’s over!  My three races in 8 days.  McConnells, NiteMoves, and today, the Santa Barbara Sprint Triathlon.  

I was especially concerned about the tri. I don’t walk barefoot – haven’t for years. I suffered from frostbite as a teenager, and subsequently  accumulated a number of fractures on the big toe of my left foot. Now the joints don’t bend in either direction any more. Plus the circulation to that toe is seriously impaired. And the stupid toe aches! I was worried about the transition from swim to bike in the tri. Really worried.

So I worried. I planned and planned how I would survive the tri. I worried before and during McConnells. I worried before and during NiteMoves. And I spent the three days between NiteMoves and the tri doing some really focussed worrying. I planned all sorts of strategies to get around the toe issue. Initial plan: My husband will hand me shoes as I emerge from the water. Then I read on the SB Tri website that I would be penalized if someone helped me during the race. Cross that one off!  Went thorough several other strategies – but in the end, all I did was slow down, and limp/gimp my barefoot gait through T1. I gratefully slipped on my cycling shoes – headed onward, and, to my surprise and pleasure, really enjoyed the rest of the race!

My toe is a bit angry with me at the moment- but I think it will calm down.



  1. Great Job Fran! You must feel great, that is a huge accomplishment. I hope you are celebrating tonight. Congratulations.

  2. I do feel good. It’s over, I’m uninjured, and it was actually fun! I even won my age group! Of course, now I keep thinking about how I could have bettered my performance. Are we never satisfied?

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