Posted by: ElliptiGO Girl | September 9, 2008

Hal’s injuries, part deux

Hal ran the Disneyland half-marathon a week ago.  His 4th half-Marathon this past year – and objectively, his worst overall performance – but it was a triumph.  I am proud of him.   It was the first real race he did since his injury in February.  And he really ran it – not walking, not jogging, and not using Nordic poles. 

The first few months were tough.  A series of cautious steps, with frequent slips backward.  I ran for him – to the degree that I was able. (That’s not saying much!)  Every solo run I did (missing my training partner), I did for him.  Every Grand Prix race I entered was for him.  We pool jogged together at the Y.  As he recovered, he ran at the beach with Nordic poles while I jogged beside him.  He stretched.  He worked his core. He got frequent massages – both from me and from Kim Bleth, a sports massage therapist.

Little by little, Hal started relying less on the poles and the water,  His first run without poles was Chuck’s Beach Run.  His back hurt afterwords, but he recovered within a week.  Then Hal started running carefully without poles.  And then he started to build back his mileage.  By July he was able to up his mileage well beyond what my body tolerates.

So maybe Hal won’t qualify for the Boston Marathon this year – but he’s up and running again, and back on his way!



  1. If Hal is interested in running a marathon, Rusty’s group is starting to train for Cal International (in Sacramento, first week-end in December). It’s a time slot which will qualify him both for 2009 Boston and 2010. There are about 10 of us going at the moment, and Hal (and you too) would be welcome to join us.

    I did Cal Int. last year. I liked the course. Starts 26 miles outside Sacramento, runs through fairly rural countryside, into suburbia, then into the city. Finishing by running up the mall to the state capital (which is quite lovely if you have the energy to enjoy it).

    It tends to be chilly.

    (We now meet on Tuesdays at the upper San Marcos lot — the one by the gym off Turnpike)

  2. I’m forwarding your comment to Hal, George. Hal is still recovering – that back injury was really serious! (I was really afraid he would take a YEAR before he could run again – especially since he opted to forgo any surgical options – so I’m quite proud of him. . .) However, his runs are still much slower and shorter than they were prior to his injury in February. Instead of averaging 50 miles per week, he’s probably averaging 20 -25. And no sprints or even much temp level runs. Instead, most of his training is still 8 -9 min mile pace. (His best half Marathon time, prior to his injury, was at a strong, consistent 7:40 pace.) He might not be able to do the workout. How long/fast do they go?

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