Posted by: ElliptiGO Girl | October 5, 2008

“. . the next two weeks – or the rest of your life?”

A great quote from Runners World Nov. 2008, attributed to Richard Hillestad, a 66-year-old runner from Topanga, CA: When I was 37, I pulled a groin muscle, and I tried to run through it.  A friend said, ‘You have to decide: Are you going to run for the next two weeks, or for the rest of your life?’ That’s been my philosophy ever since.”

I so identify with Mr. Hillestad.  Once again, I’m in a holding pattern- had minor surgery, can’t run for a few more weeks.  But once I’m cleared to go, I plan to be well-rested, and ready to start anew. 

I completely understand that some aspects of aging are out of our control.  Life’s path can take some insurmountable twists. But I can do what I am able to extend my running for as far into the future as possible.

So – I follow the doctor’s orders, do only what I am allowed to do, and plan for the rest of my life. . .


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