Posted by: ElliptiGO Girl | November 2, 2008

Getting out of the funk

I missed the NewsPress Half Marathon yesterday.  Congratulations to all who participated or helped! Annie, Aaron, and Todd – impressive times! Really!  Special congrats to Annie – for her amazing comeback this year, after dealing for so long with a painful tenosyovitis in her foot . .

I thought about doing just the 5K portion of the half marathon- like I did last year – but I’m still just coming back from that surgery 6 weeks ago.  I can run again, but not at my typical race times.  I could have done it as a workout. Not trusting myself to limit my efforts, I decided to sit it out.  Didn’t even go help. Shame on me!

I’ve been through this “life drill” many times: You have a set back. Major or minor. You get through it. Then you proceed to re-build what you lost. Slowly. Carefully. Methodically. Patiently. Trying to take pleasure in each small gain. Trying not to compare where you are with where you’ve been. What you are capable of today with what you were capable of before the setback. It can be really difficult not to get impatient – to try too hard – to push too much – all that happens is that you set yourself back even more, and get angry with yourself, your limitations, the frustrating realities of life.

So here I am again.  Slowly working back to where I can race at pre-surgery level. Trying to be methodical, careful, patient. Periodically getting careless, overconfident, and misjudging my body’s tolerance to handle progressions in workout intensity or duration. Dealing with the repercussions. Trying not to allow myself the less than useful luxuries of frustration or depression.

See ya at the Thanksgiving 4-miler.  As a racer(?) – or if not, then a helper. . .



  1. You definitely deserve to take some easy time!

  2. Yeah, Drea – but who wants “easy time”, deserved or not? (Hard to allow myself to enjoy it – but I’m trying!)

    Thanks for the encouragement. . .

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