Posted by: ElliptiGO Girl | January 5, 2009

New Years “09 part deux: the Sunday run, Jan 4, 2009

Part of my New Years Resolution to run a 10K this year involves adding more mileage to my weekly runs.  I had decided to try adding a group run to my weekly schedule. Having recovered from the “rotten fruit on New Years Eve” episode, I targeted this week’s Sunday run, which starts at 8am at the Vieja Valley elementary school, a bit over half a mile from my home.

I kind of lost track of the time, and as I headed out the door, I glanced at my watch. Ooops. 8:02 am.  Oh, well. I decided to continue out to Vieja Valley, on the off chance that the group would be running a bit late. Otherwise, I decided I would just do a solo “long slow run” – which, up until today, has meant anything over 5.5 miles, at a verrrry slow jog – averaging at best 10 minutes per mile, heart rate staying well under 110 BPM. (Yes, I’m embarrassed)

To my surprise/delight, the group was still in the parking lot at 8:10 as I arrived. Wow. I felt amazingly lucky. John Brennand was there – I told him I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to maintain a fast pace.  He suggested I run with him and a couple of other women. And we took off.

It was fun! The time flew by. I totally enjoyed the whole experience.

I am still basking in the thrill of having covered 9.3 miles today, without having hurt anything, as far as I can tell. 9.3 miles. That’s 15 kilometers!  Farther than I have run in a day for almost 2 decades! Farther than I averaged in a week one year ago! I know it wasn’t at anything close to a race pace – my average heart rate was about 130, and my max was 144 – but that is waaay much better than the “long slow runs” I’ve been doing up to this point!

I plan to try it again next Sunday.


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