Posted by: ElliptiGO Girl | February 1, 2009

Superbowl 4-miler: Toothache – what toothache?

Pictures-thank you Dj- 

Racing seems to be “the miracle cure”! A great way to obliterate various aches and pains, albeit temporarily. A month ago, I discovered that my unruly GI system (set off by my having blithely consumed a large quantity of spoiled fruit the night before) calmed down long enough to allow me to complete the New Years Resolution Day Run without dire consequences. Today I learned that other bothersome bodily issues can respond accordingly to the demands of a race.

I’ve been dealing with this annoying toothache.  I have a temporary crown on my upper right  eyetooth.  It was supposed to be replaced this past week.  Then my dentist moved the time up – he had to travel across country for his fathers’ funeral, and managed to squeeze me into his last-minute schedule a week ago last Friday – the day before he left town. Unfortunately, as he worked on me, his equipment broke.  Unable to finish the procedure, he put a new temporary crown on the tooth.

As luck would have it, the new temporary broke into pieces Thursday night.  Some of the pieces stayed cemented on the tooth-stump. But most of the stump was exposed. The tooth immediately started complaining.  Ow! Ow! Ow!  The on-call dentist squeezed me in Friday, and fashioned a vampire-esque cap that he cemented over the sore tooth.  It felt loose and sore. Last night, as I was rinsing my mouth, the cap came off.  Ow!

I took a couple of Tylenol and went to bed. Race morning dawned. Tooth felt okay as long as I kept my lips closed. So I went on with my preparations for the race.  This would be my first race as a 54-year old – and my second ever 4-mile race.

I’m back from the race now.  And, honestly, the tooth had absolutely no effect on my race performance.  The weather was fantastic, the course was fast and beautiful, the race was really well organized, and my toothache completely vanished as I struggled to pace myself, push the tempo, etc.  

My regular dentist called me this morning after I returned home. He’s back in town, should be able to put on a permanent crown Wednesday. Three more days to tolerate the exposed tooth-stump. I think I can live with this stupid toothache for a few more days. The drill: Eat soft foods, left side only, and avoid hot and cold beverages.  

I suppose if I really get desperate, I can just keep on running. . .(just kidding!)


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