Posted by: ElliptiGO Girl | July 11, 2009

Chucks Beach Run 2009

After the race: a happy, relaxed couple of runners

After the race: a happy, relaxed couple of runners

Last year’s race was a test of agility and balance. (see my report at )

This years event was entirely different.  Perfect weather, wonderful tide conditions. Pure pleasure!

Hal and I both decided to do Chuck’s beach run this year. Hal is planning to do the SB marathon – if his health allows – and is looking for a way to curtail his frequent injuries. He is trying out a new running technique. It’s called “Chi-running” – and my understanding of the technique is that it involves short, quick strides, a forward lean from the feet, and landing on the midfoot, with push-off at the forefoot. He ran 10 miles at an easy pace yesterday, and was using the race today as further testing of this technique.

I decided to use the race as a tempo run, to practice my pacing.

Boy, do I need practice!

I started off at what felt tempo-ish to me.  At the turn-around I had averaged a 7:13 per mile pace.

But – second half of the race was waaay slower.  My speed (and energy) gradually faded and the second half averaged only a 7:55 pace.  7:33 average overall, with a time of 43:15.


Hmmmm – Rusty –  help me here!  I just suck at this pacing thing!

Meanwhile, Hal breezed in, cooly Chi-running, about a minute behind me. I was so happy to see him doing so well, at much less than his highest effort!

Definitely a fun race, fantastic start to the day.

Afternote:  Just saw the posted results!

Rusty took first place with a speedy 30:44, followed by Aaron GIllen at 30:45. Awesome, guys!!


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