Posted by: ElliptiGO Girl | July 19, 2009

Now what have I done! More distance ahead. .

The Disney Half-MarathonHal running toward the finish line, a very hot August, 2007.

Hal running toward the finish line, a very hot August, 2007.

Triumphant finish!

Triumphant finish!

Okay.  I’m a short distance gal.  A sprinter. A high effort but not for very long kind of runner. I know it. My body knows it. My left big toe really knows it. Most of my training runs  are either fast and under 5 miles or slow and on trails. So how did I get myself signed up for another paved surface half marathon?

Well, I did it.  I signed up to run the 2009 Disney Half Marathon with Hal. In six weeks. OOOH boy.

Almost as if he knew of my plans, Rusty had us doing a worlout all on paved surfaces yesterday. Mountain and Gibralter. About 12 miles total, counting warm up and cool down.

I arrived at the workout. Worried. How would my stupid big toe handle this?

Warm up was a couple of miles up Gibralter, turn around, run back. So far so good.

Then the tempo part: 4 miles up Mountain.  Two miles into this, my left big toe went numb.  I felt my gait shift.  I slowed slightly. (Tried not to, but it’s hard to run fast when you’re worried!)  Then my arch went numb.  By the 3 mile mark,  the entire front half of my foot was numb and felt limp. I finished.

During the break up top, the foot woke up.  The big toe started to complain.  Shut up, toe!

We trotted the 4 miles back to our cars. That would have been really difficult for me on my own. Thanks to my stupid toe. But Maggie and Jana kept me company – and the distance went by.

Drove home and babied my toe for the rest of the day.

Woke early this morning –  and I think I got away with it! Disney Half – here I come! (ready or not?)

Addendum: Later same day, after walking dogs, shopping, etc.: Big toe is now swollen, red, and touchy. Walking hurts. Darn it! Hope to be back to running in a couple of days, if I’m lucky . .stupid toe!



  1. Hi Fran! I just read your blog, and, OMG, as my kids would say, you are SO BUFF! Keep up the good work, lady!

  2. Hey, Andrea – just read your comment – thanks, Sis! (I assume it’s you, with an “s” left out of your last name?)

  3. Yep, oops, a typo in my name, but yes, that’s me

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