Posted by: ElliptiGO Girl | September 20, 2009

Racing (??) with tendinitis & a sore(!) back: The Goleta 4-miler

I am done!  Literally! Tried to race the Goleta 4-miler today. Tried.

I’ve been dealing with the aftermath of the Disneyland Half-Marathon for 2 weeks. Hal, please  remind me about this next time I decide to gimp my gait for 7 miles on a paved surface. Partway through the half marathon my left big toe started to complain every time I landed on it or pushed off –  so I adjusted my running – landing on the outside of my left heel and pushing off the midfoot for the last half of the race. Not a good plan. The left outside of my heel and achilles are still screaming at me. I still can’t wear my regular running or working shoes without limping. And 5 days ago, my car was hit HARD by a cement truck. (I”ll be posting about that!) Result of that accident? My car driver door was totaled. My back seized up like a vise. (The truck driver and his huge vehicle? Unscathed.) So what am I doing trying to race when I can’t walk? Being stupid. What else is new?

At home, now, icing my sore ankle/achilles/heel. Back is stiffening up again. Congrats to the many racers who did so amazingly well today.  I enjoyed seeing others run. Can’t say I enjoyed my own race. Hurt waaay too much!  And now, I really am feeling it! Ouch! ! !

Stupid me.


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