Posted by: ElliptiGO Girl | September 26, 2009

New puppies and a car accident

No more challenges. Please. Unless they are related to races and training.

Tomorrow is the Carpinteria Triathlon. One of my very favorite races. I signed up for it back in May. Too bad. Can’t do it. So frustrating! Here’s why:

My dog Elsa had puppies September 30th. She is with them now, at Camp Canine in Santa Barbara, and will be until mid-October. I try to visit her frequently.

On Tuesday, September 15th, at noon, I drove to Camp Canine, intending to see Elsa and her pups during my lunch break. Parked my car in front of Camp Canine. Released my seat belt, and proceeded to open the car door. To my horror, I saw a huge cement truck barreling down, looked as if it was heading straight for my vehicle. Quickly twisted myself back into the car and attempted to slam the door shut. The door was wrenched out of my left hand. Boom! Boom! The car exploded.

When the banging stopped, I saw a huge truck driving away. To my horror, the front driver door of my new car was completely bent forward, against the front fender. The collision was so loud, people came pouring out of buildings along the street. I sprung out of my car in a rage, screaming “Stop! You hit my car! Stop! Stop!” The huge truck ground to a halt. The driver seemed stunned. He admitted he had not seen my car, was busy trying to avoid another truck that was parked on the opposite side of the street. (See picture below).

I calmed down enough to get my camera and some paper. At that point I felt my low back seize up into a vise.

To make a long story short, insurance was contacted. The truck driver was found to be 100% at fault. My car is still in the shop. My back is still painful. It is really hard for me to put on or pull off socks and shoes. I tried “racing” the Goleta 4-miler last week. Big mistake. So this morning I sadly pulled myself from the Carp Triathlon tomorrow.

Oh well. I have Unlike Hal, I have many years of racing ahead of me. It’s just another race.. . .


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