Posted by: ElliptiGO Girl | June 6, 2010

Rolling down the beach

New adventure: Using a beach wheelchair.

Today Hal and I headed over to Carpinteria City Beach to try out a beach wheelchair that the city lends out to individuals with mobility limitations.

Quite an adventure indeed!

We arrived at Carpinteria beach shortly after 11am – didn’t actually get the chair onto the sand until almost noon. Thank goodness Vic Anderson, who organizes a weekly 11am Sunday ocean swim there, warned us that the chairs might not be in operating shape – so we brought along our bike pump. Neither of the two chairs was ready to ride – but one had only one obvious thing wrong – a flat tire. The beach store didn’t have a pump – but (thanks to Vic’s warning and Hal’s response) – we did! So we eventually got the chair up and sort of running.

It was fun! Beautiful weather. We wheeled down to the water’s edge, and then from Ash to Linden and back. If you include the trips from our car to the rental area and back, maybe a total of 1.5 miles with the chair. Hal even got out of the chair while we were by the water and got his feet wet.

Gonna try that again next week!

The magnificent Beach Wheelchair, all pumped up and ready to go!

Mission accomplished: Feet wet, heading back to the chair

Two happy beach bums



  1. Very cool. It is nice to actually see one in action and know it works.I know everybody is interested. Thanks for all you do.

    • I intend to become the resident Beach Wheelchair expert. Will find out which beaches have the best ones – and which beaches work best for using them. Stay tuned!

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