Posted by: ElliptiGO Girl | February 6, 2011

Superbowl 4-miler 2011

Hal and me, just before the race.

Ran a race this morning!  Very last minute.

Yesterday, Hal asked me if I was planning on running the Superbowl 4-miler race..  As usual for me lately, I had not gotten up early enough to run yesterday. I said “Maybe. . .” and Hal said “I’ll come!” Jason, our son, who generally prefers not to go to my races, was willing to come along help Hal out during the race. So off I went to Outfooters – to sign up and commit myself.

I had no expectations whatsoever for this race.  At least in terms of my performance. Two years ago, I ran that race in 27:44 – 6:56 per mile. Last year, six months after Hal was diagnosed with ALS, I ran the race in 30:28 – 7:37 per mile.  My most recent race, the New Years Resolution 5k,  I ran at over an 8:05 per mile pace.  And that was a shorter race. But I did have a hamstring strain at the time. My training strategy since New Years?  Recovery. As in no running.  A bit of jogging with my dog  – once a week –  for 2 miles at a 15 minute  per mile pace, with my brace on. Not very impressive.

So there I was. Beautiful day.. Sunny, no wind, not too cold or too hot. I put myself In the back, and off to the side, so I could see Hal and wave. The race started.  I trotted over toward Hal. And waved.  Then I started passing people.

Well – I can’t say I ran a great race, or even a good one, but considering my “training strategy”, it went surprisingly well.  Rusty cheered me on twice – to my embarrassment and delight. Hal and Jason were waiting near the finish. Hal raised his left arm to show he saw me. And I finished strong, coming in at 31:25 – an average pace of 7:52.

So.  Recovery. A good strategy?  Hmmm…  I do think, unfortunately,  there is a limit to the performance enhancements one can expect, if one follows that stategy exclusively.

But right now, I feel great.  Coached workouts, here I come????



  1. Hi Fran,
    You were just a couple strides behind me because I finished in 31:15. We must be in the same photo somewhere 🙂 Like you, I ran it faster last year(29:00) but since running my first full marathon last November I haven’t been able to get back up to normal speed yet on the shorter runs, hopefully if I just keep doing my best it will come back, but just being able to still run at 62 and be around other runners is enough for me. I have never met Hal, he sounds like a good man and although he no longer runs I think it is great that he encourages you to keep running and makes it to the races when he can. My wife Patsy and I hope to meet you both at one of these races. Bill

  2. I look forward to meeting you and Patsy, Bill. I’m planning on running Roses en La Playa, and Hal might come watch again, if he’s up to it.. Maybe I’ll see you there? I’ll be wearing that same yellow shirt. . .

    • Great Fran ! We are signed up for the Roses En Playa also. Hopefully we will make it this time, signed up two years in a row but never made it due to last minute work schedule changes for me. I wanted Patsy to go anyway and run it, but we are pretty much like bookends these days, rare to see one without the other 🙂 Had a nice endurance training run this morning along Pismo Beach, the sun was shining, no fog and the ocean was a deep blue, just a perfect day. I think I was enjoying the scenery too much though, Garmin wasn’t happy. Ok, you guys take care and we will see you at the race.

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