Posted by: ElliptiGO Girl | February 27, 2011

Roses En La Playa 2011

Jason, Hal, and me - Photo by Jessica, after finish

First of all, I want to thank Jose Gonzalez and SB Action Pro for organizing two races in a row that started not too early in the day, and were wheelchair accessible – so that Hal could come watch me run!

Second, I want to thank Jason and Hal for being there!  It made all the difference to me.

It was another beautiful race day. Sunny, dry, cool but not frigid. Plenty of wheelchair accessible parking for our van.  The registration was well organized, great volunteer staff, and everything started off very efficiently.

I have not been training in the way I used to, but over the past 4 weeks I have been able to sneak a few workouts in. So I felt more ready to run than I have in several months.

Hal rolled up to the start with me. Despite a disorganized and slightly late start on my part, everything went well and felt so familiar! I caught up with my running buddy, Gary Clancy, and used him as a pacer to get my bearings. Thank you, Gary. I happily recognized YMCA fav Leroy Thomas – as well as SBAA/SBRR stalwarts Mike Shalhoub, Ricky Ho, and Jessica Douglas on their ways back – all really moving! (Sorry – Ian – I don’t know you – but I also did see you booking it!) Leroy finished first, in 16:21 – Mike, in third place, only trailed him by 8 seconds. Jessica was 2nd place woman, with a time of 19:13, trailing first place Cindy C. by a little under a minute.)

And, there at my finish, my special Hal, waving his left arm in recognition, and my son Jason, with a big grin.

My time? 23:15.  About two minutes short of my best time on that course over the past couple of years..  But way better than I’ve been doing lately.
Feels so good to “be back.”


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