Posted by: ElliptiGO Girl | February 17, 2013

We’re still here

Family shot, Nov. 2012

Family shot, Nov. 2012

First I want to thank SBAA for continuing to have a link to my blog on their site.  I hardly feel like I deserve it – the posting (and running) I have done in the past few years has been at best minimal. But it sure makes me feel good to see that link still there. Thank you so much guys!!!

Hal is still very much alive.  His ALS has progressed a lot since my last post. He doesn’t have much ability to move his body – just his head, a little. He can’t talk or swallow  – even his tongue is paralyzed – but he can still smile, and that beautiful smile is like sunshine.

I am still getting out a little – mostly for 45 minutes or less, unless I have a nurse or other medically trained person to help Jason monitor Hal. Besides the boring stuff like going to the market, my most frequent “escape” is to go for a short run with our dog Elsa, or even better, go for a run with Elsa and a friend.

December 2012: Elsa, Jason, Fran and Hal going for a walk around the neighborhood

December 2012: Elsa, Jason, Fran and Hal going for a walk around the neighborhood

I am grateful that our son Jason is able to live with us – both he and I are now full time caregivers for his dad, and that’s a huge job!! I am also grateful for the many people who express concern and have helped us keep Hal alive and happy.

Life is different now, but it’s still good.



  1. I was reading over your blog and I must say, I feel the same way. My son was born with one of the most severe cases of Spina Bifida. I have taken care of him for 30 yr. This past month we had our first experiences with respiratory failure. His co2 was in the 90’s. He got his very first trach and put on a ventilator at night. We were in the hospital for a month. We have been home a couple of weeks. I see an improvement in the way he feels and how alert he is, but life will never be the same. It is hard and different. There are a lot more things to do each day, but like you, I still got my Jon!!

  2. Wow, Annette – What a story! I applaud your attitude, and my love goes out to you and Jon.

    Hal is still here, his health is always in a state of flux, and each day we deal with the day as it happens. Far too man doctor visits!!! Today, Hal is not feeling well. His O2 levels are dropping rapidly if he is off the ventilator and his pulse is up, so we’re keeping him on the ventilator, monitoring him, keeping the avenue open for ER if needed. But as you said, I still have my Hal, and life, as such, is good.

    • SORRY – the above “Anonymous” comment was mine – I was in such a hurry I did not log in!

  3. and I return the love…..
    Our schedules are not that different. I have to say yours sounds much more than mine. I know you must hear all the time what a strong and wonderful person you are, and God will reward you for your work. I really believe you are and God will!!! where I do appreciate the love that comes with the comments, I just feel like this is the path God has put me on and I will do the best I can. I’,m sure your goal is the same as mine and that is to provide the best life possible for the one we love. I hope Hal feels better! and I am sorry if my thoughts are a bit rambly I am running on few hours of sleep.

  4. Lack of sleep. I know that well. Try to catch “cat naps” if you can. Hugs….

  5. Hello, I am sorry about your fight with ALS. I am a son of a person with ALS. I wanted to do something about ALS for him and for others like him. However, I need help, and I want to make sure that others like my father are interested in this project.
    Please visit and feel free to provide feedback.
    Thank you.

  6. […] Hal Finney with wife, Fran; son, Jason; and dog, Elsa Image Courtesy of Fran Finney […]

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